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2015's Highs and Lows in Vermont Food - Seven Days

I reviewed this place a couple of weeks ago, and every meal — every dish, drink and amuse bouche — I had at chef-owner Herve Mahe's new Burlington bistro was composed, restrained, classic and modern. (read more)

Lemon tart

Cause Célèbre - SEVEN DAYS

...These are the touches that distinguish a decent restaurant from an excellent one, and most good bistros offer them with effortless frequency.  (read more)

Chef Herve Mahe the day of opening, September 2015

Bistro de Margot Opens in Burlington - Seven Days

Kevin and Kathi Cleary passed the torch to Herve Mahe, the French chef kept most of the L'Amante staff family together to open Bistro de Margot in its space. (read more)

Stuffed quail

Pedigreed chef opens French bistro in Burlington - Burlington Free Press

On his summer vacation in France, Herve Mahe and his family enjoyed breakfasts that lasted an hour and a half — much of the time spent talking about what to eat for lunch. (read more)

Beef Bourguignonj

Beef Bourguignon featured on WCAX on Friday January 29, 2016.

PAn seared scallops

August 2016 Seven Days

One Dish: Poèlée de St. Jacques at Bistro de Margot

Pan seared salmon

WCAX Channel 3

Monday January 16, 2017

Dos de Saumon  Poêlé, Pommes de Terre Sautées aux Pruneaux, Oignons Grelots, Sauce Vin Rouge

Thank you Yankee magazine

Yankee Magazine Editor's Choice for Best French Restaurant in Vermont, May - June 2017


Croustillant de Queue de Boeuf, Jus de braisage & salade de Frisé et Carrot au vinaigre

Roasted cod, bean stew

RESTAURANT WEEK 2019 is coming soon, Thank you Sevendays for this!

Bistro de Margot
126 College St.,

An array of dishes at Bistro de Margot
The restaurant as we know it was invented in France and, for a long time, going out to dinner in America meant eating French food. Even when more varied spots later sprang up, visiting a fancy restaurant still meant ordering aubergines grillées instead of grilled eggplant.

But the pendulum has swung the other way. As casual restaurants, with their laminated menus and heaping portions, became the American norm, white linen and impeccably dressed servers began to read as snobby. And, with the welcome rise of other world cuisines in U.S. cities, Continental dining lost its primacy. 

Nowadays a true French restaurant is hard to find, but Burlington has an utterly charming one in Bistro de Margot. Here, Hervé Mahé prepares finely crafted classic dishes, such as snails drowning in parsley-and-garlic butter, and duck terrine with pistachio and coriander. Yet the Burgundy-born chef also lets Vermont ingredients and a hint of global flavor inform the fare.

Playful perfection is the marker of Bistro de Margot's menu, and the luscious desserts are no exception. Lemon curd arrives in a jar, topped with strips of gooey candied lemon peel and dots of torched meringue. It is both fun to behold and swoon-inducing to eat.

The relaxed elegance extends to the service. Few chefs make a point of visiting with customers in the dining room these days, but Mahé stops by every table with a ready laugh and stories to tell.

The chef's ability to blend the best of French technique with the casual flavor of Vermont dining makes Bistro de Margot one of Burlington's best restaurants du jour.
— Suzanne Podhaizer

Lobster salad Mother's Day

Mother's Day at Bistro de Margot! Thank you Liz Strzepa for showcasing Bistro de Margot and Nicole Junas Ravlin (We Love Vermont) for suggesting to NBC5 WPTZ to feature Bistro de Margot!